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'It is continually proven that there are more benefits when shaping dog behaviour that this is achieved by the addition of structured play activities - therefore all training and behaviour rehabilitation exercises should include an element of play and fun based interaction' - Dean Hart MSc MCFBA

Please Note

1. Any training or activity sheets provided to download from this page do not suggest any 'cure' for any given problem. They are purely training techniques that are often used successfully during many of our 'platform training sessions'and they should be used in conjunction with behaviour protocols, environmental changes and clinical considerations. CBT Referrals take no responsibility for any outcome from applying these techniques. they are widely available across the internet in different formats.

2. All magazine articles produced are subject to a strict and limited word count and may not reflect the full and appropriate advice for any questions raised. 

The following information sheets are available to download by clicking on the picture next to the text or the text itself.

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A welfare problem? Dean Hart MCFBA.​ 

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