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For information on how we can help and for appointments

contact Ben McKechnie Canine Behaviour Consultant on

0770 8712 219

or Text Dean Hart  Animal Behaviourist on 0795 568 5865 

or telephone the Administration Office at

 The Dog Hut.Biz on on 01323 890041 

Canine Behaviour and Training Referrals

Full Members

Members of the

Equality Register

Welfare and ethics before profit

Our Code of Practice and Ethics

  • Dean Hart and Ben McKechnie only work with clients referred by Veterinary Surgeons. Behavioural fees are in line with other leading behaviorist experience and qualifications and are deemed reasonable and fair. The welfare of both the client and dog are a priority and are not subjugated to commercial considerations.

  • The behavioural practice, Dean Hart, Ben McKechnie and their team are fully covered by appropriate professional indemnity and public liability insurance in order to be in a position to meet any liabilities should they occur.
  • Safety and consideration is given to clients, their dogs and the public. Any behaviour work does not knowingly cause avoidable psychological distress or physical harm of any kind. Where there is potentially any risk, this is explained and discussed with the client to enable them to make an informed decision regarding any proposed rehabilitation plan.
  • Behaviour treatment is firmly rooted in the practical application of scientifically based evidence resulting from proven practical experience. Where any behavioural intervention is experimental, both client and referring Veterinary Surgeon are informed
  • Clients and referring Veterinary Surgeon(s) are also kept as fully informed as possible regarding behavioural diagnosis and treatment recommendations and the reasoning behind them. Clients are not lead to form unrealistic expectations of the outcome of any behavioural work.
  • Clients are guarded against any possible exploitation and a professional relationship is maintained throughout the behavioural process. The client relationship is not exploited for improper personal, professional or financial gain and personal values are not inappropriately imposed on a client.
  • All information acquired from the client is confidential, within the limits of the law and is not improperly used. Date protection is upheld. Where details of cases are made public, or used to train students the anonymity of the client is preserved. Photography, video or tape recordings of the clients, patients or their property are made only with the consent of the client and after such permission remain the property of CBT Referrals.
  • Personal and professional conduct does not undermine public confidence in the canine behaviour industry.
  • Assistants and any other employees conform to this code of practice in their dealings with the client, referring Veterinary Surgeon and members of the public.
  • Viewpoints and professional conduct of other qualified canine behaviourists are respected and will not publicly be denigrated, however advice will be suggested where professional conduct of any other canine behaviourist or similar professional is of concern. Should any other professional be involved with the client and they carry out any violation of the welfare of the client, or the client's pet, steps may then be taken to resolve the matter.