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March 2023


CBT Referrals 

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We are not taking 1-2-1 personal 

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As part of their commitment to animal welfare in the UK and internationally, 

both Ben Mckechnie and Dean Hart 

are away on sabbatical leave until October 2022.

They are involved in international charity work with dogs, cats, and other animals on separate projects. They may be able to offer behaviour assistance in some cases by zoom or other communication. 

Given their remote locations please be patient with any replies to email or text, many thanks. 

At CBT Referrals you can be sure you will be working with a professional, supportive and experienced team of animal behaviour experts. CBT Referrals provides canine and feline behaviour consultations, veterinary support and exceptional informative talks and seminars on animal behaviour. All the team are dedicated to modifying pet behaviour to improve wellbeing and welfare. No quick fixes are offered but you will receive knowledgeable and appropriate advice and practical assistance in helping improve your pet's behaviour.

An important part of animal behaviour consultation and rehabilitation is understanding the species drive states, their emotional and physical needs and a firm grasp of both the theoretical and practical application of animal learning theories. Of course, animal behaviour involves a great deal more and there are many influences on your pet's behaviour other examples include diet, nutrition and metabolism, endocrine and neurotransmitter function in addition to genetics, coat colour, context, hierarchies, gender, age physical condition and breed!  Your behaviourist will guide you and provide ongoing support.

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Apologies, but due to the demand for pet behaviour consultations we are currently taking bookings between 4 to 6 weeks in advance. We understand how difficult some behaviour problems can be and how some situations can lead to owners feeling distraught, so please do call to discuss your needs and we will do our best to help and support you as quickly as we are able. 

TOP TIP: Check your pet insurance to see if you are covered by behaviour work on your policy before you speak to your vet about your pet's behaviour problem. Remember insurance companies will not cover pre-existing conditions and will only make payments on a claim from the date the condition was first recorded and not if the condition has been mentioned previously or before your policy commenced.  They will assess all dates and your pet's medical history before accepting any claim, so may not cover you even if you have contacted them prior to your behavioural consultation. 

What are CBT Referrals? 
  • We are a small multi-disciplined team of professional individuals. Members of the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association, Master Trainers, Specialist Pet Groomers, Feline Veterinary Specialist in acupuncture and laser treatment and qualified College Lecturers. We offer expert, caring, supportive and friendly services to owners and other professionals.
  • We are committed to delivering the highest possible standards in client care, animal welfare, and ongoing support.
  • Owners can be sure to receive empathy and understanding while being given clear, expert information and advice.
  • We are highly regarded within the behaviour industry and have an excellent reputation spanning over 27 years, within veterinary centres, welfare centres and others within the animal care industry. 

Who can benefit from CBT Referrals? 
  • Enquiries are very welcome from professionals within veterinary, professional dog training and dog grooming salons and we fully support pet owners on veterinary referral.
  • In addition to excellent rehabilitation training and canine behaviour modification, we can also offer nutritional guidance and diet sheets, acupuncture, massage, veterinary advice (only behaviour related) and behavioural pharmacology advice through our in the house referral process.
  • We are also professional animal trainers and can provide support in force-free training for a variety of species through our referral services. Just ask us how we can best help you!

For details of the services available and the costs involved, both in the UK and Sicily or through our referral services.

Courses & Workshops

on hold at present.

Dean Hart MCFBA runs workshops on Animal Training and Canine Behaviour.

Information about our multi-disciplined and supportive team.

Meet Dean Hart founder.

Short Q&A's on Behaviour Problems, Information and articles of interest to support small businesses.

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Official Dr. Ian Dunbar Bite Scale

The purpose of a dog bite can be varied. CBT Referrals makes use of the official Ian Dunbar Bite Scale during their comprehensive assessment of an aggressive dog. Click on this link to download the official version.  Palm injury. Photograph Copyright CBT Referrals.